Northern New Mexico offers some of the best Trophy Mule Deer Hunting in North America. Rio Arriba County is centrally located in the Northern part of the State. It is also the leading county in the Western United States when it comes to Boone and Crockett record book bucks. Surrounding the Famed Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, Drop Tine Guides and Outfitters operates both public and private acreage. With our rifle hunts starting in late October and going through mid November we offer the hunter an opportunity to hunt the “pre-rut”.  With many of the deer migrating out of the high country of Colorado it offers a great opportunity to look at high­­­ numbers of deer daily. We take pride in having many of the resident bucks found therefore not having to depend on the migration or weather. On our private ranches we are able to hunt the “peak rut” in December. This is a unique opportunity to hunt mature bucks during the rut. With great habitat, superb genetics, and strict management policies in place allow Drop Tine Guides and Outfitters to guide you to the most sought after, hardest trophy to obtain on the North American Continent, your Buck of a Lifetime!



Our trophy elk hunts take place on the Valles Caldera National Preserve. (formally The Baca Ranch) Nestled atop the Jemez Mountains, this 89,000 acre National Preserve offers the hunter an exclusive one on one hunt with minimal hunting pressure. The Valles Caldera is home to approx 3,000 elk, that breed, calve and forage within its boundaries year round. A special lottery system is in place to provide a fair method of access to all applicants. The drawing for the Valles is held earlier than the regular State draw giving the applicant two chances at a New Mexico elk tag. The Valles is comprised of several “sub-units” that range in size from 3,000 to 6,000 acres. There would be no more than three hunters in any giving sub-unit during any hunt. The New Mexico Hunt Quota does apply on the Valles. 10% of tags go to non residents using a New Mexico Registered outfitter, and the remaining 6% goes to DIY nonresidents. The hunts take place during the rut. With the high concentration of elk, the rutting activity is very intense and exciting to witness! Lets head for the Valles and let Drop Tine guide you to your New Mexico Monarch!